Customer interview: How enterprise mobility helps the City of Gothenburg to secure good user experience of their apps?

Helena Reimeringer

Helena Reimeringer

Head of Sales and Solution Development
Senior Consultant in UX Strategy & Research

Martin Berg in front of the Intraservice Office

The other day we had a conversation with Martin Berg, Service Delivery Manager for mobile applications at Intraservice, on why excellence within enterprise mobility is crucial to their business.

Intraservice is the City of Gothenburg’s internal service provider. Intraservice provides services to the city’s administrations and businesses in a variety of areas such as HR, payroll management, IT, invoicing, graphic design, training and more.

Previously, Intraservice has been facing challenges with the lack of control/governance of mobile solutions which prevented them from delivering great user experience in their apps.

Some of the issues they have faced included: 

  • Lack of UX consistency across applications making the apps less intuitive to use.
  • Informing and onboarding users about new app releases was inadequate. From the users perspective the apps just appeared.
  • Hardware choice was not optimised for its purpose which resulted in high TCO.
  • Some Apps crashed as they were not set up for the job to be done. 
  • Some Apps stopped working when suppliers no longer existed or certificates had expired.

Intraservice needed help to improve deliveries from suppliers. In Martin’s vision, all of their apps are intuitive to use and consistent in terms of look and feel.

“Working with digital services you always need to focus on the end user experience, that is unfortunately not always the case. But if you have that as your primary focus it is easy to make the right choices along the way.”
Martin Berg
Service Delivery Manager, Intraservice

eConnectivity now works with Martin’s team to provide the organisation with a framework for Mobile solutions to help secure a good user experience of their apps. eConnectivity also helps to educate the persons in charge of mobility from each business/operations area and encourages a dialogue between app owners to co-drive UX consistency across applications.

The framework is helping the different business areas to better define their requirements of mobile solutions. This will help improve deliveries from suppliers and secure a good user experience of their apps. In the end that will also affect the brand of Intraservice in a positive way.

Requirements could be on for example: SSO – identity management, MDM –  managed phones, UI look and feel etc. The framework is continuously being revised to be adapted to their needs and new possibilities within the mobility area. 

To get all the business teams involved and engaged in using the framework, Martin’s team participates early in the requirements phase and helps explain the requirements. The key is to highlight the user perspective of an often technical requirement, like SSO, and explain what has happened historically and why it’s important for the users. As a matter of fact, this has turned out to be very appreciated by the business organization, who now have a better view of how specific requirements translate into user values. 

Martin also sees that the framework can help them to achieve environmental goals. He sees the potential to reduce their mobile device waste through better managing their employee’s phones by integrating them in their mobile device management (MDM) system.

Martin sees that having access to expertise within mobility and working with a partner who has done this work before builds trust in the transformation. He finds a strong value in a partner that helps in formulating the journey ahead and he appreciates that it is very easy to work together with Connectivity. The next step for the collaboration is to get better control of the app distribution process.

“Working with eConnectivity enables us to get the excellence in mobility that we have no possibility to have ourselves. We get their experience from having done this before which creates a sense of security that this transformation is feasible and can be achieved.”
Martin Berg
Service Delivery Manager, Intraservice

If you want to know more about how mobility excellence can help you secure a good user experience of your mobile solutions, we at eConnectivity are happy to help! email us at

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