Employer Branding
Helena Reimeringer

Connected and accessible – on my terms!

A mobile way of working gives us more flexibility regarding when and where we do our work, but how do we handle that freedom in order to achieve a good work-life balance?  How do we stay connected and accessible on

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Employer Branding
Peter Mikulic

Build New Leadership Based on Trust to Boost Innovation

There was time when it took an enlightened and strong-willed leader empowered with great controls to shepherd a business in both prosperous periods and periods of troubles. Leadership was all about leaders and their personal qualities and traits as employees

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Employer Branding
Claes Widestadh

The Future of Work-Life Balance

Finding the right work-life balance is a goal of many modern professionals while companies are looking for innovative ways to boost by productivity by encouraging their employees to live a balanced life. A growing number of companies even attune to

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Digital Transformation
Christoffer Shokofan Taudien

What New iOS13 and iPadOS Mean for the Enterprise

The new iPadOS, coming in September 2019, is a game changer in Apple’s overall strategy as the iPad is going the last mile to being a super-lightweight laptop. Apple are also introducing new identity management and enrollment features that pave

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